• Cale Slack "South Dakota"


    South Dakota dentist Cale Slack is well-known for both his professional and sports exploits.

    In Vermillion, South Dakota, at the University of South Dakota, Slack started his career in higher education. The institution is renowned for providing a well-rounded liberal arts education that enables students to learn about their specific fields of interest in addition to language, art, literature, and other subjects.

    While the majority of students at the University of South Dakota complete their degrees in at least four years, Slack completed his in just three. Colleagues concur that Slack's drive and aptitude for quick learning helped him get his degree so swiftly.


    Slack stunned onlookers as a pole vaulter at the University of South Dakota. Slack, a former member of the track team, defeated top pole vaulters from South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska to win a southeast district competition. Slack excels in all facets of his life, both personally and professionally, as was evident from seeing him dominate the track.

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